Life Transitions

Life is a series of changes, and change is inevitable. Some are welcomed. Others can range from inconvenient to tragic. Some are planned, some unexpected or forced upon us. We may welcome them or fear them. They can bring happiness or sadness.

Changes differ from life transitions. Transitions are turning points from something old and familiar to something new and unfamiliar and, in some cases, frightening. Most transitions are small. Some of them may even pass by unnoticed. Some, however, cause major disruptions in our routines and force us to re-examine and re-orient ourselves.

What’s clear is that transitions can test us in many ways. They may make us feel vulnerable, push us to our limit, and force us to look deep within ourselves to find new coping strategies and develop new strengths to help us face what lies ahead.

Common transitions include:
• Marriage
• Birth of a child
• Leaving home
• Death or illness of a loved one
• Divorce
• Loss of a job
• Retirement
• Purchasing a new home
• Having to care for a sick or elderly parent
• An “empty nest”

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you need help dealing with the adjustment of a life transition. The goal is to adjust, grow, and learn from the experience. I can help you not just survive major life changes, but thrive from them.