Rapid Resolution Therapy and Rapid Trauma Resolution (TM) with Memory Reconsolidation

As a result of brain based research in the field of psychology, we now have the knowledge to change things more quickly and effectively than before we studied the brain from this perspective. I have the honor of being personally trained by Dr. Jon Connelly, and other memory reconsolidation experts who develop life changing, jon_connelly_and_gayle_skovronhighly effective, and unique methods of treatment.

The IRRT Institute, NYU, Harvard University, Yale University, and most Medical and Psychiatric Institutes continue to develop new ways to use mental health treatment, based on research and evidence of it’s effectiveness. I supervise other therapists using these and other models. I’m also the creator and moderator of the the group listserve for Certified RRT Practitioners around the world.


Past events can have a  negative effect on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These experiences can range from something as mundane as a sharp word from a teacher, parent, or peer, to traumatic events as severe as rape, incest, grief, loss, and acts of war.

Rapid Resolution Therapy™ is an effective, painless, quick treatment that clears the negative influence of past events very quickly. Rapid Resolution Therapy can eliminate the negative emotional and behavioral influence of traumatic events, whether these experiences are at the top of your mind or not. It isn’t necessary to relive past events or experience any pain. My intention is to have your mind experiencing things with clarity, and operating in a way that has benefit, possibility, and appeal. Dramatic improvements in thoughts, feelings, and behavior occur. Unconscious conflicts blocking desired change are pinpointed and resolved. As the root cause of problems is cleared, positive change endures. Energy begins to expand as things are cleared up and reorganized.