“In one session, my elevator phobia is gone. Gayle’s treatment was miraculous and allows me to freely and calmly use elevators.” – GF

“Gayle’s RRT allows me to move forward in my life after being stuck for so many years. I continue to refer friends and family to Gayle. ”  – RP

“So many years of therapy, alternative treatments, groups, etc. One 3-hour session with Gayle now allows me to be free of my fears, panic attacks, and clearly and calmly talk about my past knowing that it’s DONE. Living in the here and now is the best it’s ever been!”  – MD

“I can see things clearly now. I had such a distortion of what had happened and why. My anger, resentment, guilt and confusion are gone. I’m laughing again.” – TP

“In one session, Gayle’s RRT treatment cleared my phobia of colonoscopy preparation. I had cancelled three colonoscopies after unsuccessfully trying to drink the prep solution. I couldn’t keep it down. After meeting with Gayle for 2 hours, I went home and 2 days later drank the prep and had the procedure. Not a problem at all!”  – JC

“Incredible! For the first time in my life, I’m able to stick to eating healthy and exercising. My past that had haunted me no longer feels bad.” – SW

“My loss of my husband and friend doesn’t hurt anymore.”  – RC

“No more guilt about my behavior. This is a great thing after so many years of therapists having me “talk about my feelings”. Gayle did all of the work to get me to where I want to be. I feel energized!”- SC

“My daughter turned to me after Gayle’s treatment and said, “Mom, I feel so relaxed.” This was the first time I’d heard that!”- TS

“Clarity is a gift. This is what Gayle gives me.”  – NH

“Sexual abuse had affected every area of my life. I’m now free and clear of the negative emotions. The Anxiety, fear and disgust about myself is replaced with calm, joy, and energy! Peaceful excitement.”  – JD

“My back neck and hip pain has subsided greatly after one long session with Gayle. I am grateful for this.”  – HK

“My relationship with my parents is completely different. I can trust, appreciate and love.”  – GS

“Clear perspective. Wow. Forward movement! ” BG

” Finally, unstuck! Incredible. Gayle is an incredible healer. I connected with her truly though her voice on the phone. In her office, her energy was completely light and bright!” SV